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Building Department Information

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Building Department: (810) 629-6711

Building Permit Application

This application includes: Residential new construction, residential additions, res alterations/remodeling, res repairs caused by flood/fire damage, attached and/or detached garages and pole barns, decks, and swimming pools both above and in ground.

Please make note that each of these permits require further documentation to be submitted in order to apply. All building permits require a bond which is refunded back to the applicant once final inspection has been approved. Call for further information.

Please make note that ALL trade inspections (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) are applied for, obtained from, and inspected by the State of Michigan. Applications are available in our office as a courtesy to applicants/contractors.

Local inspector information for Genesee County:

  • Electrical - (810) 247-9558
  • Mechanical - (989) 590-8169
  • Plumbing - (517) 281-1108

Zoning Department: (810) 629-1537

Zoning Permit Application

This application includes: Sheds (200) square feet or less, fences, retaining walls, gazebos, pergolas, and ponds. This permit application is also for soil filling or removal operations.

Please make note that each of these permits require further documentation to be submitted in order to apply. Zoning permits do not require a bond.

Ordinance Enforcement Department: (810) 629-1537

To file a complaint or report suspected violations of the Fenton Township Zoning and/or General Ordinances, you may contact our office or you may print the complaint form provided and mail it to our office.

Ordinance Enforcement Complaint Form

Please make note:
Depending on the nature of complaints received, most are treated anonymously. However, if it is determined that legal action is the only alternative in gaining compliance, a witness is needed in order to pursue legal action. Therefore, in some cases a formal complaint must be filed in order to force compliance upon a guilty party.

Attention Fenton Township Residents: Important Information

(1) Riparian Information:

Be aware that providing access to any lake within Fenton Township for non-riparian use is not permitted. All reported activity is followed up upon and if found to be in violation, will be promptly enforced.

Each watercraft vehicle is required to be owned and currently licensed and registered by the riparian property owner. Any violations found, will be subject to having the watercraft removed from the premises, with all costs of doing so being the responsibility of the riparian owner.

If a home is being rented or leased on any lake within Fenton Township, and it is proven to be the primary residence of the occupant, that occupant is permitted to have watercraft.

Legal documentation will be required and will be checked. If you suspect non-riparian activity taking place, please contact our Ordinance Enforcement Department by calling (810) 629-1537.

(2) Department of Environmental Quality Information:

All docks, boardwalks, seawalls, and beach sanding are NOT permitted nor are they regulated through this office. However, ALL of these types of activities do require a permit to be applied for and obtained through the Department of Environmental Quality. To report suspected activity that requires a permit, or inquire on obtaining a permit for these projects, please contact the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Assistance Center by calling (800) 662-9278 or email: deq-ead-env-assist@michigan.gov.

(3) Open Burning Information:

This office receives numerous inquiries on open burning. Open burning is NOT permitted within Fenton Township. However, if you own fifteen (15) acres of zoned agricultural property, you may apply for a permit in order to have a permitted open burn. This permit is applied for and obtained through Fenton Township Fire Chief. You may also obtain information regarding “recreational camp fires” by contacting the Fenton Township Fire Chief at (810) 629-1911.

(4) Garage Sale Permits and Information:

Fenton Township residents are permitted to have two (2) garage sales each year. A permit is required, however there is no fee involved. Garage sale permits help our office prevent any nuisances that may be caused to neighboring properties, as well as parking hazards on busy roadways.

Garage Sale Permit Application | Garage and Yard Sales Ordinance

(5) Amplified Sound Permits and Information:

Prior to using amplified sound in conjunction with an outdoor activity (i.e. weddings, open houses, parties) the property owner/occupant must apply for and obtain an amplified sound permit. Please apply at least three (3) days prior to your event.

Amplified Sound Permit Application | Amplified Sound Ordinance