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Health and Safety Information

Asbestos in Older Homes

Quite often, people think that only folks who have worked as a carpenter, electrician, plumber, roofer, welder, miner or boilermaker chance exposure to asbestos inhalation and a consequent diagnosis of mesothelioma. Unfortunately, this cancer is also caused by other factors than employment asbestos exposure.

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Do you know what you and your family would do if confronted with an emergency situation? Have you taken precautions such as preparing emergency kits and evacuation plans in the event that a serious situation should occur? If you haven't, please take a second to browse through our information concerning emergency situations.

Arsenic in Well Water

Concerns have been raised in recent years regarding the presence of arsenic in our groundwater. Arsenic is a common, naturally occurring element in the Earth's crust, which comes in two forms: organic and inorganic. Organic arsenic is not found in groundwater, however elevated levels of inorganic arsenic, (the more harmful form to humans), have been found in the groundwater in some wells throughout Michigan, including Fenton Township.

Tornado Season: Are You Prepared?

The spring and summer months bring the potential for tornadoes. If a tornado is coming, you have only a short amount of time to make decisions that affect the safety of you and your family. Advance planning and taking quick action are crucial to surviving these destructive storms.

Protecting our Lakes & Streams: Identifying Illicit Discharges

An illicit discharge is defined as any discharge to the municipal separate storm sewer system that is not composed entirely of storm water. These non-stormwater discharges can occur due to illegal connections to the storm drain system from any residential, commercial, or other establishments.

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