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Open Burning Prohibited In Fenton Township

With the arrival of autumn, we would like to take this opportunity to remind residents that open burning is illegal in Fenton Township. The only exceptions to the open burning ban are as follows:

  1. Owners of large agricultural properties, (10 acres or larger), may apply for a burning permit for the purpose of clearing agricultural land. The Fenton Township Fire Chief shall make the final determination regarding the issuance of any such burning permit.
  2. Small recreational fires or "campfires", (no larger than 3' x 3' wide and 3' high), for outdoor cooking are also allowed and do not require a permit.

All other outdoor burning, including large recreational fires ("bonfires") and the burning of leaves, is strictly prohibited. It is also important to note that it is illegal to burn leaves or grass clippings under any circumstances, even in an otherwise legal campfire.