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Fenton Township Realigns Voting Precinct Boundaries

Fenton Township recently completed a realignment of voting precinct boundaries to improve efficiency for future elections. The changes were adopted by a resolution of the Fenton Township Election Commission on December 16, 2019, and then submitted to the Michigan Bureau of Elections for implementation.

The principal reason for the precinct changes was to eliminate “ballot splits”. A ballot split occurs when properties in two or more school districts are located in the same precinct. For any election in which a school district issue appears on the ballot, a separate ballot must be printed for each school district within the precinct. This not only increases printing costs, it also increases the risk of voters receiving the wrong ballot. Prior to the realignment of precinct boundaries, two of Fenton Township’s six precincts included properties from two school districts and one precinct included all three school districts. After the realignment, each precinct includes just one school district:

Lake Fenton Community Schools - Precincts 1, 2 & 6
Fenton Area Public Schools - Precinct 4
Linden Community Schools - Precincts 3 & 5

Approximately 6,600 Fenton Township voters, (almost 50%), changed precincts as a result of the realignment. New Voter ID cards were mailed to all affected voters at the end of January. The actual impact of this change on the voters is minimal. Fenton Township uses a single polling location (Lake Fenton High School) for all six precincts, so all voters will still vote at the same location.

Questions regarding the precinct boundary changes may be directed to the Fenton Township office by phone at 810-629-1537, or by email at info@fentontownship.org.