Vacation Check List

Are you looking at leaving for the winter? Seeing as how many of our residents look to go spend time in warmer climates during the winter months, we have compiled a Vacation Check List for residents on business with the Township they may want to take care of before they leave.

Vacation Check Form

The Vacation Check is a form found at the Fenton Township Office (or below in the supporting documents section) in which residents can notify the Township and the Genesee County Sheriff's Office that they will be away from the residence for a period of time. 

Address Change

This form will see that mailed communications from the Township are sent to the address in which you are residing at the time. It is imperative that once you return to your Fenton Township residence that you stop in again to fill out the form to change the mailing address back. 


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Absentee Ballot

Check with the Fenton Township Clerk's Office to make sure you have the correct address on file for your Absentee Ballot. Additionally, make sure you update with the Clerk's Office when you return. In 2024 there are at least three elections scheduled for Fenton Township voters. Click here for Fenton Township Elections & Voting information

Sign up for E-Notifications

Make sure you stay connected with the Township while you are away. You can opt in for the e-notifications for Township News, Meeting Notices, and to receive the monthly edition of The Fenton Township News as they publish in your inbox. Click here to select your e-notifications


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