Southern Lakes Water Extension

This page is currently under construction and will continue to be updated throughout the project. 

UPDATE (May 9, 2024): As part of Phase II, Rolling Lane Closure on Lahring Road between North Road and Jennings Road to start Monday, May 13 and expected to last through June 7. 

UPDATE (May 2, 2024): Phase III has completed laying water main. With the weather improving, Phase III will be starting restoration. 

Construction on the water tower has started at the corner of Fenton Road and Thompson Road. The projected completion for the water tower is summer 2024. Cost for the installation of the water tower was included in the budget for Phase I of the Southern Lakes Water Extension Project which saw funding from Genesee County allocating $6.5 million in ARPA funds and Fenton Township contributing $1.4 million from the Township ARPA funds. 

UPDATE (March 5, 2024): Construction along Phase III on Ripley Road has been progressing north from the City of Linden and is now nearing the intersection with Lahring Road. The plan is to complete the installation along Ripley Road this week and then start on the south side of Lahring Road, at Ripley Road, and work heading east towards Jennings Road, weather depending. 

UPDATE (January 30, 2024): Construction on Phase II of the Southern Lakes Water Extension project is set to start on Monday, February 5th with the closure of Northbound Torrey Road between Lahring Road and Thompson Road

UPDATE (January 25, 2024): With Phase I of the Southern Lakes Water Main Extension project now operational, those that would like to connect can stop by the Township office to complete the necessary application forms and pay the required fees. Please be advised that homes connecting to the municipal water system will be responsible for the following costs:

Water Connection Fee - $7,450
The connection fee includes:
$3,950   County fee to tap the water main + water meter + meter installation
$1,000   County Capital Improvement Fee
$2,500   Township capital charge for debt service

[Note: this does not include the cost of connecting the home to the water main. The property owner is responsible for hiring a plumber to complete that work.]

Water Connection Inspection Fee - $150
This includes a $50 County fee to inspect the lead from the water main to the end of the right-of-way, and a $100 Township fee to inspect the connection between the right-of-way and the dwelling.

Water Use Fees
Water use fees are billed quarterly with the sewer bill (for those on sewer), and are calculated as follows:
$79.00     Ready-to-Serve charge
$0.06/cf   Consumption charge - 6 cents per cubic foot of water used (1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons)

An average household uses about 600 cubic feet of water per month, or 1,800 cubic feet per quarter. A typical water bill should be around $60-70 per month, or $180-210 per quarter, depending on how much water is actually consumed.  

UPDATE (January 24, 2024): In the Supporting Documents section at the bottom of this page, we have added the three maps that were made available at the Southern Lakes Water Extension Phase II Informational Meeting. The Phase II and Phase III maps do show which side of the road the water main will be installed.  

UPDATE (January 22, 2024): Southern Lakes Water Extension Phase II Informational Meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the Fenton Township Hall.

UPDATE (January 18, 2024): The Genesee County Road Commission announced that work will continue on the Southern Lakes Water Extension, stating Monday, January 22, 2024 parts of Ripley, Rolston, and Lahring roads will be under a flagging operation. Two-way traffic will be maintained. The roads are expected to reopen to normal traffic in the spring, weather-permitting.

UPDATE (December 19, 2023): Phase I of the Southern Lakes Water Extension is live. Residents along Phase I that are interested is connecting to municipal water can start the process at the Township Office; business/commercial properties will need to go through Genesee County. 

The Fenton Township Southern Lakes Water System Phase 1 Hold Harmless Agreement document can be found at the bottom of this page under supporting documents. 


Southern Lakes Water Extension Water Main Project

The Southern Lakes Water Extension project is being led by the Genesee County Drain Commissioner’s Office as part of the Genesee County Water System (GCWS). This extension is bring municipal water to the southern portion of Genesee County. The water source for the GCWS is Lake Huron. 

In October 2021, the Genesee County Board of Commissioners allocated $6.5 million to the project from the American Rescue Act Funds (ARPA).

The water system extension is being conducted in three phase that are detailed on the included map.


Southern Lakes Water Extension Construction Phases

Phase I 

Ground broke for the first phase of the project in November 2022. The project started in Mundy Township on Fenton Road and moved south along Fenton Road to Thompson Road. Phase 1 will see the water main finish its Thompson Road route and see the installation of a water tower at the northeast corner of Thompson Road and Fenton Road.

Phase II

The water main will travel south on Torrey Road from Thompson Road to Lahring Road. At Larhing the main will extend to Jennings Road and then back north to Thompson Road. This phase will allow each of the buildings for the Lake Fenton Community School district access to municipal water.

Phase III

This phase will pick-up where Phase 2 left off on Lahring Road, and extend to Ripley Road, then continue south where the Genesee County system will connect to the City of Linden water system.


Projected Cost of the Southern Lakes Water Extension

Phase I 

(Fenton Township $2,746,739; Mundy Township $880,910; City of Linden $1,145,573)


Phase II 

(Fenton Township $3,547,803; City of Linden $1,488,932)


Phase III 

(Fenton Township $1,138,511; City of Linden $1,138,511)

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