Thompson Road Bridge Project

Map of Thompson Road highlighting Linden, Jennings, Torrey, and Fenton roads along Thompson Road along with the US-23 interchang

This page is currently under construction and will continue to be updated throughout the project. 

Project Overview

Fenton Township has contracted RS Engineering, LLC. (RSE) to perform a Corridor Study on Thompson Road, from Linden Road to Fenton Road. This study explores potential design alternatives and improvements that will help alleviate current and anticipated future congestion along the corridor. Addressing the traffic congestion and safety issues at the US-23 Interchange is an urgent priority.

Currently, the interchange experiences rush hour traffic delays for the northbound and southbound US-23 exit ramps that can back up to US-23. A main cause of this is the lack of roadway capacity between the two Thompson Road traffic signals, often leading to backups from one signal through the other.

A Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) grant has been awarded to the Township which will be focused on improving the US-23 Interchange area. With the recent water and sewer infrastructure along the corridor, especially to the west of US-23, there has been increased interest in both commercial and residential development that will further decrease the interchange traffic capacity and safety.

Project Area

The project extends 3.8 miles along Thompson Road from Linden Road to Fenton Road, including the interchange over US-23. In addition to traffic operation and safety improvements along Thompson Road, intersection modifications along the intersecting road are also being evaluated.

Project Traffic and Safety Improvement Goals

The traffic operations and safety improvement goals include:

  • Reduce traffic delays at the US-23 Interchange, including the northbound and southbound exit ramp backups along with the Thompson Road backups between and approaching the two US-23 ramp intersections.
  • Improve safety at the Thompson Road intersections with high-crash rates. These three intersections are at southbound US-23 ramps, northbound US-23 ramps, and Torrey Road.
  • Improve Thompson Road outside of the US-23 Interchange to encourage development. These options include widening, for a center left turn lane, upgrading traffic signals, and roundabouts.


Thompson Road Bridge Project Open House 

There will be a Thompson Road Bridge Project Open House to review alternatives for the Thompson Road Corridor Study from Linden Road to Fenton Road, including the recommended option at the US-23 Interchange. 

The open house will take place in the Fenton Township Hall located in the lower-level of the Fenton Township Civic Community Center (12060 Mantawauka Drive) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. 

A presentation will begin at 6 p.m. followed by an open house format meeting for attendees to meet with the study team, ask questions, and provide feedback. 

Questions regarding the project, and the open house, can be directed to Fenton Township Zoning Administer, Mike Deem (810-629-1537 or by email at mdeem [at] (

The Township will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services to individuals with disabilities at the meeting upon 72 hour advance notice by contacting Robert Krug, Township Clerk, by email (clerk [at] or phone (810-629-1537).

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