Water and Sewer Department

Man operating a crane

The Fenton Township Sewer Department is responsible for the day to day management of all maintenance and operations of the Township's sewer system. The Sewer Department coordinates the following to ensure quality and service to more than 4,300 homes and businesses:

  • Maintenance of over 110 miles of sewer
  • Inspection and repair of sanitary sewer manholes
  • Performing necessary emergency repair of sewer lines
  • Jetting and vacuuming sewer lines to remove dirt and foreign objects
  • Internally inspecting sewers with video camera equipment
  • Maintenance of 56 pump stations to assure continuous operation

Fenton Township has taken steps to maintain sanitary sewer service to their existing sewer users and ensure that sanitary sewer service is available for the future:

  • Invested in expansions to the existing Genesee County District #3 Hogan Rd. treatment plant and interceptor sanitary sewer system
  • Formed a committee of which includes a Township Board member, Township Staff, Engineer, and Contractors to meet regularly for the purpose of project management and to address maintenance and repair issues
  • Initiated the development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to allow staff to access information pertaining to the sewage system with the click of a mouse
  • Implemented a Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS) to create a work history of all sewer maintenance and to facilitate the day to day operations of the sewer department
  • Video taped the condition of the existing sanitary sewers in an effort to identify problems requiring correction in the sewer lines such as cracks, broken pipe, joint leaks, protruding service connections, standing water, mineral deposits, root intrusion as well as illegal sump pump connections.
  • Monitoring, tracking and analyzing flows to determine the actual amounts of sewage being sent to the District #3 Plant. Analyzing flows will assist in planning upgrades and help in identifying problem areas within the sewer system.

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