Boating Safety

Sign posted at Lake Ponemah Boat Launch with rentable life jackets

With so many lakes and waterways within Fenton Township it is important for our residents and guests to have access to boating safety information.

Be sure to follow all laws and regulations regarding boating on the lakes. You can be ticketed for not following the laws, including not obeying no wake zone postings. 

The lakes are patrolled by both the Genesee County Sheriff's Office and the Michigan DNR. 

The public boat launches on Lake Fenton and Lake Ponemah are property of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  

Some Important Safety Tips provided by the DNR:

Speed Limit of 40 MPH
Follow All Posted Signs and Non-Lateral Markers
Boat Counterclockwise
Wear a Life Jacket (Click here to view current Life Jacket Rules)
Boat Sober
Review Boat Operator Age Restrictions
Stay Alert
Carry a Cell Phone or Marine Radio 
Read the DNR's full list of important safety tips by clicking here.


Click here for more information on how to obtain a Michigan DNR Boating Safety Certificate.

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