Fenton Township Online Property Assessment, Tax, & Utility Billing Information

Please read the disclaimers for assessing and tax before clicking the link at the bottom to view property information. 


*** Internet Access Disclaimers ***

Assessing Disclaimer

Michigan law provides that citizens have a right to access public records and documents. More specifically, the General Property Tax Act, (Public Act 206 of 1893, as amended), provides that all property assessment rolls and property appraisal cards be made available for public inspection and copying, including the option of posting of such records to allow electronic access. This online access to property assessment information is being provided as a convenience to Fenton Township citizens, real estate professionals and other interested parties. The Charter Township of Fenton does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information displayed by this service. The data offered through this service is updated on a daily basis. If a land division has been requested, contact the Assessing Department at 810-629-3445 for current information. The Charter Township of Fenton assumes no responsibility for any decisions based upon the information provided. The user assumes full responsibility for the use of the information provided and agrees to proceed at his/her own risk.

**For Assessing purposes, some lot sizes have front foot and depth adjustments. These adjustments are for valuation only.  The printouts will reflect the equivalent front foot and depth information.  For actual lot size refer to the LAND SKETCH option in the Image/Sketch portion within the parcel.


Tax Disclaimer

Tax payments made on or after March 1 to the Genesee County Treasurer are not reflected on the payment screen. Please contact the Genesee County Treasurer's office at 877-805-2856 or 810-257-3059 or visit their website for updated delinquent tax information.

Click the link below to accept the above disclaimers and proceed to the online property information.

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